Wyoming, West Nebraska, and SW South Dakota Hay Report
USDA - Thu Aug 10, 3:52PM CDT
Greeley, CO    Thu Aug 10, 2017    USDA- CO Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Western South Dakota Hay Report

   Compared to last week, prices were mostly steady with demand good to very 
good in all regions due to drought conditions.  The NASS Wyoming Crop Progress 
and Condition report for the week ending August 6, 2017 states that Wyoming 
experienced warm temperatures with limited precipitation for the week, according 
to the Mountain Regional Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics 
Service, USDA.  A reporter from North Central Wyoming indicted that 
thunderstorm/torrential rains hit causing flash floods and damaging some crops.  
Stock water supplies across Wyoming were rated 9 percent very short, 19 percent 
short, and 72 percent adequate.  Alfalfa crop condition is 4 percent very poor, 
6 percent poor, 13 percent fair, 75 percent good, and 2 percent excellent.  
Alfalfa second cutting is 58 percent complete.  The NASS South Dakota Crop 
Progress and Condition Report for the week ending August 7, 2017 states that 
alfalfa condition rated 49 percent very poor, 30 percent poor, 14 percent fair, 
and 7 percent good.  Alfalfa second cutting was 56 percent complete, third 
cutting was 22 percent complete.  Pasture and range condition rated 35 percent 
very poor, 32 percent poor, 23 percent fair, and 10 percent good.  All prices 
dollars per ton FOB stack in large square bales and rounds, unless otherwise 
noted.  Most horse hay sold in small squares.  Prices are from the most recent 
reported sales. 

Eastern Wyoming 
   Large Squares: Good 125.00-130.00; Fair 115.00-120.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Central and Western Wyoming
   Large Squares: Premium 165.00.
   Small Squares: Premium 190.00 (6.00 per bale).
  Alfalfa/Grass Mix
   Large Squares: Premium 280.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay. 

Western Nebraska
   Ground and Delivered: 135.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Western South Dakota
   Large Squares: Premium 150.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Alfalfa hay guidelines, used with visual appearance and intent of sale:
            ADF     NDF     RFV     TDN-100%    TDN-90%      CP
Supreme     <27     <34     >185      >62       >55.9       >22
Premium    27-29   34-36   170-185   60.5-62   54.5-55.9   20-22
Good       29-32   36-40   150-170    58-60    52.5-54.5   18-20
Fair       32-35   40-44   130-150    56-58    50.5-52.5   16-18
Utility     >35     >44     <130      <56       <50.5       <16

   RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula.  TDN calculated using the western 
formula. Quantitative factors are approximate and many factors can affect 
feeding value. Values based on 100 percent dry matter.

Source:  USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
         Lindsay Brunet, Market Reporter
         970-353-9750 Greeley.LPGMN@ams.usda.gov

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